Lemon/Maple/Cayenne Detox Drink

Another great longevity boosting “double whammy”. Try it as a daily “kick start”. It’s a good choice for a one day fast, when you would need at least 6 glasses during the day.  (Note: You might read about people embarking on long fasts using Lemon/Maple Syrup/Cayenne.  We don’t recommend fasting for more than 3 days without professional supervision, and not at all if you are diabetic or pre-diabetic.)

The key ingredients which work synergistically in this drink to help detoxification are:

  1. Lemon –Vitamin C and bioflavonoids help neutralize free radicals and remove toxic waste. Citric acid helps metabolise fat. Good for the liver, and digestion, and is a mild diuretic.
  2. Pure Maple syrup is high in minerals and trace elements needed for the detox process and to balance electrolytes.
  3. Cayenne pepper – powerful antioxidant which increases metabolism and improves circulation.  And despite what you might think, small amounts of cayenne pepper are actually healing for the digestive tract.
Lemon/Maple/Cayenne Detox DrinkRecipe for one drink:
To a large glass of pure water (hot or cold) add:
Juice of half a lemon
1 teaspoon of lemon rind, grated from an organic, unwaxed lemon only (otherwise omit)
2 teaspoons organic pure maple syrup (make very sure you are not buying a sugary icecream topping)
Pinch cayenne pepper to taste
It’s fine to make up a large batch to use during the day.  You may substitute limes for lemons and black strap molasses for maple syrup. Also known as Lemonade Diet and Maple Syrup Diet.


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