Carrot Juice and Keffir Spicy Shake

Try this smoothie to soothe the stomach and digestive tract. For one serving you will need: 2-3 large carrots Small knob of fresh ginger 3 tablespoons Keffir (or natural yogurt) 1/2 banana Optional: 1 teaspoon of PURE maple syrup (Do NOT use maple syrup substitutes.) Pinch of cinnamon Pinch of nutmeg Method: Juice fresh carrots […]

Soothe your Stomach Naturally

Too much stomach acid? GERD? Gastritis?  Obviously if you’re taking antacids or other drugs to relieve excess stomach acid you would appear to be in good company.  Isn’t almost everyone doing it? Relieving symptoms like heartburn and abdominal pain has spawned a multi billion dollar industry, particularly in western countries.  Encouraged to self-medicate (buy over-the-counter […]