Power Naps, Siestas and Forty Winks

Grandpa was a devotee of the siesta.  He called it “forty winks” and it was  the ritual of lying down after a hard day of manual labour and maybe nodding off for a while.  Not culturally sanctified on the job in suburban Australia, he managed to fit it in, mid-afternoon when he arrived home. “Forty winks” is an […]

Do You Experience Sleeping Problems?

Would you like to sleep like a baby?  Lactium is one of the latest natural sleeping aids which is derived from the milk protein, casein, the peptide that causes a newborn to look like it is in seventh heaven after breastfeeding. As adults we lose the capacity to generate this substance from milk in the […]

Losing Sleep Makes You Fat!

Can chronic sleep deprivation cause weight gain?  Do poor sleep habits lead to food cravings and an insatiable appetite?  Researchers now suspect that lack of sleep may be a key factor behind the current obesity epidemic, but low blood sugar is not the cause. Two research studies from early 2012 illustrate how those of us […]