Olive Leaf Extract for Hypertension

Looking for natural ways to control blood pressure?  Olive leaf extract (OLE) is a herbal extract used medicinally in Mediterranean countries over thousands of years.   In the last 50 years, olive leaf extract, together with its active ingredient oleuropein, has been the subject of a number of European scientific studies.  Researchers at the University of […]

Magnesium for hot flushes

Magnesium has been found to reduce hot flushes in women experiencing early menopause as the result of treatment for breast cancer. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21271347 Chronic magnesium deficiency affects the large number of people in western society, so research into the use of magnesium for hot flushes might be useful for all menopausal women, not just cancer patients. […]

Beetroot Juice Increases Stamina

That’s right.  We’ve just found out that athletes can boost their stamina by 15% with beetroot juice.  Claims that organic beetroot juice increases oxygen uptake and helps muscles work more efficiently have recently come from scientists from Exeter University School of Sport and Health Science in collaboration with Peninsula Medical School. The good news for […]

Super Beet Juice

This juice is alkalizing, energising and an excellent tonic to boost stamina as well as cardiovascular and immune health. Fresh lime and ginger really give a great taste lift, as well as being superfoods in their own right. It goes without saying that it’s a great diet drink and excellent whenever a liquid diet is […]

Return of the Coddled Egg

The healthiest ways of preparing eggs are said to be poaching and soft boiling, thus avoiding the high temperatures and exposure to fat that create unhealthy byproducts.   The not-so-humble egg is back in fashion, but many consider this depends very much on how it is cooked. Those with British ancestry in particular may remember the […]

Wild Spinach Pie

What would draw a busy, well-to-do Greek man home every year from the other side of the world to visit the old aunties in the mountain wilderness?   While Americans might look forward to the annual ritual of pumpkin pie, for Greeks it’s all about wild greens picked in season from the barren hillsides and turned […]

Walking Protects Against Blood Sugar Spikes and Diabetes

Walking is routinely promoted as the best and most accessible exercise, known to improve blood sugar levels and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.  Large muscles, like those in the leg, when well developed and put to use, effectively metabolise sugar rather than letting it build up in the bloodstream.  Normal spikes in blood sugar […]