Is it Just Luck?

In control of life?   Self-made man? Rising star?  Pete Strom would seem to be all these things.  Isn’t it implicit in talking at TED? Why then does Pete see his success as one huge lucky break, as a gift of grace which he neither earned nor brought about?  He opens up the subject of grace […]

Personal Trainer Online

Fantastic free resource for Longevityboomers who want to get start to get fit without the expense of a personal trainer.  Say a big thankyou to Steve. Older guys may or may not know that it’s the shoulders (and achilles tendons) that are often the weakest link for the ageing male, limiting ability to enjoy swimming […]

Recipe for Personal Change

Brian Nelson, army major, physical guy, asks himself how he can craft a better life for himself beyond his physical training routine.  Sure, he could lift weights and enjoy getting stronger week by week, but how to strengthen the qualities that will really change his life for the better….like intentionally choosing kindness towards self and […]

Longevityboom Fashion Guide

Tips and tricks to looking your best at any age. Don’t be afraid of a bit of colour!

Unplugged Living and Escaping Technology

A short video poem to help you escape the daily technology-overload, if only for a couple of minutes.

How to Live to 101

If you haven’t already seen this great video make sure you do. It has been around for a while and is great viewing. Click the image above or click here to watch the video  

Food Matters Trailer

Try to get your hands on this great film.