Personal Trainer Online

Fantastic free resource for Longevityboomers who want to get start to get fit without the expense of a personal trainer.  Say a big thankyou to Steve. Older guys may or may not know that it’s the shoulders (and achilles tendons) that are often the weakest link for the ageing male, limiting ability to enjoy swimming […]

Recipe for Home Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Only roast pumpkin seeds with the shells on. You can use seeds taken from a whole pumpkin but first wash them to remove pumpkin sinew and leave to air dry overnight.  Otherwise, buy raw (unsalted) pumpkin seeds.Many recipes suggest roasting pumpkin seeds at temperatures up to or above 200C (400F).  Unfortunately high temperatures and fats/oils […]

Return of the Coddled Egg

The healthiest ways of preparing eggs are said to be poaching and soft boiling, thus avoiding the high temperatures and exposure to fat that create unhealthy byproducts.   The not-so-humble egg is back in fashion, but many consider this depends very much on how it is cooked. Those with British ancestry in particular may remember the […]

Wild Spinach Pie

What would draw a busy, well-to-do Greek man home every year from the other side of the world to visit the old aunties in the mountain wilderness?   While Americans might look forward to the annual ritual of pumpkin pie, for Greeks it’s all about wild greens picked in season from the barren hillsides and turned […]

Hormones Making you Fat?

Did you know it’s your fat cells, rather than your brain, which tell the body whether or not you’re hungry?  The action of a little known hormone called leptin has a huge effect on appetite and fat metabolism, being linked to what appears to be a set point in weight and the reason why diets tend […]