No Complaints in Whinge-free Zone

Here’s some cheap insurance for longevityboomers against becoming “cranky old *****” as opposed to lovely old smilies.  But you can’t just buy it.  You have to work for it.  No excuses now because the word’s out that we have “plastic” brains.  In other words we have the ability to change. So when the script in […]

Right to Adequate Food

Many are familiar with the drastic decline in the health of indigenous people worldwide when their communities are introduced to “fast food”.  Food is readily available, but it’s “calorie rich, nutrition poor”.  Now it seems our cities are becoming “food deserts”, or more correctly, “nutritional deserts”. Limited access to wholefoods and good sources of nutrition […]

Memories of the Hippie Trail

Pronounced “hip-E”, this species (frequently an embarrassment to later generations, particularly blood relatives) is found more frequently these days in the dictionary somewhere between hip and hippopotamus.  A hippie [hip-E] has been defined as “a young person who rejects the mores of established society (as by dressing unconventionally or favouring communal living), advocates a non-violent […]

Budget Blowout – the Greek Health Tragedy

It’s not a good idea to be old and sick in a country suffering the effects of the global financial meltdown. In June 2012 Greece finds itself in a state of financial embargo, but many in the eurozone are not far behind. The health system is collapsing under the weight of huge debts to providers, […]

Financial Worries of Older Australians

“Seeking employment. Very fit worker.  Occasional bad back.  Would suit work on a fast production line.  A little hard of hearing.  Very strong, able to lift heavy weights, as long as back doesn’t go.  Please ring Bill Smith, age 67.  Any employers interested?.” Jobs are wanted to  beat the retirement blues. “Bill” might have used […]