Birdsong – The Essential Soundtrack

With 7 billion of us on the planet, it’s becoming a very noisy place.  Maybe you haven’t noticed yet but recorded birdsong is beginning to appear, anywhere from blogs and websites to airport lounges and service station toilets.  Seems good sound may be starting to equate to good business. Natural sound may also help you […]

Gardening for Wellbeing

Garden lovers have no doubts about the therapeutic benefits of spending time in their favourite green space.  For many it’s a favourite form of exercise.  Simply gazing at soil and plants can create an inexplicable feeling of wellbeing, both relaxing and energizing. Our senses and psyche are in contact with the rhythms of life: the […]

Earthing, Grounding and Electrosensitivity

“Earthing”, a term coined by Clinton Ober, refers to “connecting ourselves to the surface of our planet by sitting, standing or walking barefoot on the Earth”. When we think of nature as healer we usually think of fresh, natural food, clean water and sunshine.  How many people realize that the earth herself is a powerful […]