Earthing, Grounding and Electrosensitivity

“Earthing”, a term coined by Clinton Ober, refers to “connecting ourselves to the surface of our planet by sitting, standing or walking barefoot on the Earth”.

When we think of nature as healer we usually think of fresh, natural food, clean water and sunshine.  How many people realize that the earth herself is a powerful healer? Mother earth has her own natural vibes, a bioelectrical healing system which we ignore to our peril. By allowing ourselves to get disconnected from this powerful grid we are prone to build up electromagnetic charges which predispose us all types of health problems. The natural energy emanating from the earth is the ultimate anti-inflammatory and our increasing loss of contact may be a major hidden cause of the plague of inflammatory diseases increasingly affecting us.

Most people these days have very little contact with the earth.  Go on a picnic and you might notice your rug is rubber-based to keep out the damp.  Bad luck, you are also keeping out the good vibes.  How about your shoes?  Rubber-soled?  Sorry, no good energy while wearing those.  To protect children from accidents, playgrounds are carpeted in green rubber.  So too perhaps your all-weather sporting venue is no longer a grassy terrain.  How many people in so-called advanced civilizations sleep on the ground?  Who goes camping without a rubber mat? These days we live in a soup of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) frequently far from the earth in our high rise apartments and offices.

Who doesn’t relate to this story?  Perhaps you are also one of those people who react with an electric shock during windy weather.  Or your bad knee is known to predict storms.  Certainly you know people who tick these boxes. Such apparent idiosyncronicities are really symptoms of electrosensitivity, a condition linked to many chronic health conditions.

According to Ober, earthing or making physical contact with the earth for just half and hour a day, works wonders. It’s associated with reduced chronic pain, improved sleep, slower ageing, lower stress, calmer heart rhythms, less PMS, less fatigue and is even good for jet lag. The stories and research documented in his recent collaborative book make fascinating reading.

Seems like a no-brainer doesn’t it?  Many people these days are trying all sorts of dietary manipulations to get back towards a hunter-gatherer diet and there is much wisdom in this.  Just keep in mind that our ancestors were connected to the earth 24/7.

Don’t keep suffering from Disconnect Syndrome and Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity. Try investing in a pair of  Greek leather sandals, or even better, a pair of moccasins. If you still have trouble getting your half hour a day of grounding, find out about some of the devices now available to connect people to the earth while sleeping.

Earthing is also available as a CD…

See what Wiki has to say about  Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity here. 


  1. Ironically, the photo shows a barefoot on dry silica sands. Glass in made from silica and glass is an very good insulator. If the walking was done on wet sand or at the shore line oir in shallow water the earthing would be effective. I find at least 20min is needed too, at a minimum.
    Walking on wet grass after waking is great advice, but at least 20min in required.

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