Financial Worries of Older Australians

“Seeking employment. Very fit worker.  Occasional bad back.  Would suit work on a fast production line.  A little hard of hearing.  Very strong, able to lift heavy weights, as long as back doesn’t go.  Please ring Bill Smith, age 67.  Any employers interested?.” Jobs are wanted to  beat the retirement blues. “Bill” might have used […]

Longevityboom Fashion Guide

Tips and tricks to looking your best at any age. Don’t be afraid of a bit of colour!

10 Longevity Boosts from Pumpkin Seeds

1. They’re a green food!   Don’t be deceived because they are only pale green! Pumpkin seeds are an excellent source of magnesium which is at epidemic deficiency proportions in the average western diet. How many green vegetables do we really eat?  Particularly helpful for anyone taking pharmaceutical drugs, a majority of which have the side […]

Hormones Making you Fat?

Did you know it’s your fat cells, rather than your brain, which tell the body whether or not you’re hungry?  The action of a little known hormone called leptin has a huge effect on appetite and fat metabolism, being linked to what appears to be a set point in weight and the reason why diets tend […]