Hormones Making you Fat?

Did you know it’s your fat cells, rather than your brain, which tell the body whether or not you’re hungry?  The action of a little known hormone called leptin has a huge effect on appetite and fat metabolism, being linked to what appears to be a set point in weight and the reason why diets tend to yo-yo. Leptin is so powerful that it can change your brain, at least those areas responsible for controlling hunger and metabolic rate.

What’s more, there’s no getting around the fact that the older we get , the more difficult it is to maintain the correct levels of leptin circulating in our bloodsteam.  This problem of leptin signalling is greater for women than men, probably due to the fact that it’s a hormone secreted from fat cells, of which women have more.

Leptin resistance is now understood to play a role in chronic diseases including obesity, diabetes, heart disease and autoimmune diseases.  It’s linked to the type of adrenal stress that raises cortisol levels (think inflammation) and the ageing process in general.

Three basic strategies to restore leptin function:
1)   control blood sugar
2)   get adequate sleep
3)   drink plenty of water

Try these superfood double whammies to restore healthy leptin function:

1) Cinnamon plus green tea– Cinnamon is a superfood that can help you control leptin levels naturally. The combination of flavonoids and caffeine will seriously increase your metabolism and fat burning capacity.  Try Slim Chai Tea.

2)   Apples plus celery – Apples make you feel full and build fat-burning muscle.  Celery reduces inflammation. Try Waldorf Salad.

3) Lemon plus cayenne pepper  – Pectin in lemon helps stabilise blood sugar.  Cayenne contain capsaicin, which stimulates metabolism and also curbs appetite. Use these ingredients to marinade chicken or fish.
Remember the lemon/cayenne detox drink?

4) Eggs and herbs – high protein with high antioxidants stabilises blood sugar and reduces inflammation. Why not try a coddled egg?

5) Seaweed and seafood – Seafood is high in protein with little fat.  Seaweed contains a fibre which satisfies hunger and slows the emptying of food from the stomach, leading to improved satiety.  Think Japanese food: sushi or teriyaki fish with seaweed salad.

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