Beetroot Juice Increases Stamina

That’s right.  We’ve just found out that athletes can boost their stamina by 15% with beetroot juice.  Claims that organic beetroot juice increases oxygen uptake and helps muscles work more efficiently have recently come from scientists from Exeter University School of Sport and Health Science in collaboration with Peninsula Medical School.

The good news for LongevityBoomers is that the scientists hypothesize that the same mechanism may help anyone of any age improve their fitness and energy.   Add an apple a day, as advised last year by other researchers, and you have a great, affordable, vegetarian muscle booster.  Apples apparently contain a natural substance that decreases muscle loss (sarcopenia) in the elderly.

This study used quite a bit of beetroot to get the effect….half a litre per day.  But half that amount will do you good as other researchers discovered when they looked at the beneficial effects of beetroot on hypertension.

Use beetroot and apples together in juices or salads such as:

  • Waldorf salad with cubed cooked beetroot added.
  • Grated or finely sliced raw beetroot with apple slices and watercress with a mustard dressing.  Or add julienned strips of celeriac and a homemade mayonnaise.
  • Try out Super Beet Juice recipe.

Follow up the research here.

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