Double Espresso or the Hospital Trolley?

Photo credit: rorePerhaps it’s something you’ve noticed. Coffee makes you “go”.  Some say yes, some say no.

Actually, in this instance we’re referring to the effect of a good, strong coffee after abdominal surgery.  The British Journal of Surgery has just published Swiss research indicating that drinking coffee will get you “going” again after bowel surgery faster than drinking water, and this is considered a very desirable “event”.  Indeed, coffee drinkers ticked all the boxes for post-surgical recovery faster, including getting back to solid foods.

But researchers don’t know exactly why.  They don’t think the effect is due to the caffeine content of coffee, as decaffeinated coffee is also helpful.  LongevityBoom  has noted another study in the Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology which reported that rectal tone increased 45% after drinking an 8oz cup of strong coffee.  Warm water also increased rectal tone, but by a lesser degree (30%).   So what is it?  The warm drink perhaps?  Or maybe it has something to do with coffee stimulating liver function?

Coffee is a mysterious substance, much loved the world over.  It’s good to find out more about it.  Meanwhile, Dr Sascha Muller for the research team at Kantonsspital St Gallen concludes “whatever the mechanism, it is clear that postoperative coffee consumption is a cheap and safe way to activate bowel motility.”

Read the original research here.

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