Wild Spinach Pie

What would draw a busy, well-to-do Greek man home every year from the other side of the world to visit the old aunties in the mountain wilderness?   While Americans might look forward to the annual ritual of pumpkin pie, for Greeks it’s all about wild greens picked in season from the barren hillsides and turned into the traditional pie we think we know so well as spanakopita but which is more likely to be the real thing – a wild greens pie called hortopita.


Traditional “spinach” pie is unlikely to contain much in the way of spinach.   Favourite greens include some sort of wild chard together with lots of leeks/scallions/green onions, parsley, wild fennel, dill, sorrel, dandelions, nettles, purslane, mint, etc.  We know that herbs are among the nutritional powerhouses of the food kingdom, much higher in phytonutrients than most vegetables. Perfect partners with goats cheese and eggs, local produce containing the type of healthy fats which enhance the assimilation of all the green goodness.  It’s possible to make the pie without fat, as is sometimes done in Greece at Easter time.

Watch how to make a spinach pie:

Gluten Free Spinach Pie

Many traditional recipes use cornmeal rather than the phyllo pastry.  If you’ve ever watched phyllo being made by hand you wouldn’t wonder that the average Greek home cook had better things to do than make these wonderful thin flaky sheets from scratch.  Pies were also made crustless. Try one of these recipes for gluten free spinach pie with wild greens.


Miniature Wild Greens Pie

Ahortopita Wild Greens Pie


  1. Your Veggies look wondeful! I have a huge herb grdean, so fun to cook with items we grow ourselves, isn’t it?I am dropping by from the Lady Bloggers Society and so glad I had a chance to look at your post! Thanks again for sharing !

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