Happy Easter for Chocoholics

Chocolate Easter EggThe research hasn’t been done yet into a direct link between chocolate consumption and longevity. But both the anecdotes and the science are appealing.

Sarah Knauss, who lived to 119, enjoyed a kilo of chocolate each week.  So did Jeanne Calment, who lived to 122.  Seems Jeanne was persuaded to give up chocolate by her doctor at age 119.   Was this the reason she apparently acquired a taste for the very strong French cigarettes, Gauloises, in her last years?  As legend would have it,  she was sneaking up the stairs for a smoke with the nursing home staff when she fell and broke her hip, which led to her death. Who knows what would have happened  had she stayed with the chocolate.

Chocolate researchers from UC San Diego are calling their latest results “intriguing”, not a word one frequently finds in the medical literature.  They claim that the more often a person eats chocolate, the lower will be their body mass index (BMI) or in other words, they will be thinner. The active ingredient responsible for this effect is most likely to be the epicatechin found in cocoa.

Seems chocolate doesn’t do your heart, brain or skin any harm. As far as weight goes, the antioxidants in chocolate apparently improve metabolism, making small blood vessels and muscles work better.  Importantly chocolate increases lean muscle mass, which is associated with weight loss.  The chocolate-eaters in this study ate more calories but didn’t put on more weight.

Are we to conclude that eating chocolate will confer on us that pro-longevity advantage of being thinner?  Intriguing indeed, and no doubt we will hear more on this topic.

Read the science here.

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