Tried Tai Chi?

Tai Chi MasterMany claim that this gentle martial art can help reduce stress, improve sleep, increase energy and improve balance and flexibility.  It involves a range of slow movements that that have been practiced for centuries.

Tai Chi is not a religious practice although its roots date back to the ancient Chinese philosophy of balance and harmony. Essential elements include developing mindfulness and enhancing breathing awareness.  It’s meditation in motion.

Tai Chi is now being explored for its specific benefits in a range of medical conditions.

Sydney family medical practitioner, Dr Paul Lam has used his knowledge of traditional Chinese medicine’s meridian system to develop special tai chi programs for diabetes and arthritis.

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Cancer patients also benefit from the practice of tai chi, and recent research suggests it may also help the cognitive decline experienced by a large percentage of chemotherapy patients.  Read about tai chi for chemobrain here: Tai Chi also helps Chemobrain


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