Electrosmog and the Radiation Epidemic

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Running out of steam before your due date?  For many of us something seems to be happening to that mysterious energy or life force. No doubt it does start to wane as we age but environmental factors can have a big effect on the speed at which this happens.  What’s more, there’s much more to the story than good food and exercise.

Chronic diseases have taken over from infectious diseases as the scourge of the 21st century.   Some attribute this change to decrease in food quality, loss of nutrients in the world’s soils, bad fats, sugar addictions and so on. Inflammation seems to be the key.  But did you know that inflammation can also result from environmental pollution in the form of electrosmog and radiation?

Without knowing it we’re rushing headlong into a lifestyle soup of unhealthy energies caused by WIFI, mobile phones and towers, cordless phones, baby alarms and a wide range of household and office appliances. The exposure increases relentlessly.  Try to travel overseas now without being exposed to x-rays from body scanners.  Certainly just being up there in the air is a source of radiation exposure.  Then of course there is the medical system.  Relentless exposure to diagnostic techniques may be doing more harm than good.

People’s sensitivity to electrosmog (the invisible electromagnetic radiation produced by both mains electricity and wireless technology) varies enormously and it may well be that the human race is about to start selecting for those who can cope with it.  Anyone with a lowered immune system is particularly vulnerable as are children and the elderly. It’s estimated that around 5% of the world’s population may be “electrosensitive”. Some of these people can react almost instantly to this type of “smog”. For the majority of people it may take decades for problems to turn up, so it’s easy for authorities to deny cause and effect.

For some time Sweden has classified electrical sensitivity as a disability eligible for government assistance. Meanwhile other European countries including Switzerland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands are also aware of the problem.  They are conducting research and recommending exposure levels that are almost negligible compared to the rest of the world.  The interest in energy medicine technology was born in this part of the world.  Excellent desmogging systems like the Quantronic Resonance System (QRS) have been used to good effect for some decades.  The UK is only just getting on board.

The earth has its own healing electromagnetic fields, to which we should all be tuned in…expect when we don’t touch the earth because of our synthetic shoes pounding cement pavements; except when we live in houses which are equally out of touch because of modern building materials and designs.  If you sleep next to a clock radio, for example, the field it produces will override any natural benefit from the earth’s magnetic field which would theoretically allow your cells to restore themselves during healthy sleep.  That’s if you can get to sleep in your electrosmog soup.  “Healthy” sleep is becoming a luxury.

Some people now use the term “life force” or “chi” to describe the energy within our cells; the energy that keeps us alive.   Cellular energy remains a mystery to much of the medical world.  There’s no pill for it.  But when it’s malfunctioning we feel flat, tired.  We can’t detoxify properly.  Free radicals accumulate and the inflammation process moves into full swing.

So how would you know if you are electrosensitive?  There are really no tests available yet, so you have to put two and two together and try to link symptoms with exposure.  Fatigue could be a clue, although many factors can contribute to fatigue.  Brain fog may be a better indicator.  Sudden changes in sleep patterns and a loss of clarity of thought can appear quite quickly with exposure to more electromagnetic radiation.  Headaches and unexplained rashes are more obvious symptoms. .  People who react with a kind of electric shock when they touch certain surfaces under various conditions such as dry weather are usually more electrosensitive.  The condition is common in those suffering from allergies.


Devices are available to measure EM fields in the environment but it’s hard to measure your own energy field using western medical techniques.  Kinesiologists have their own ways, as do practitioners of Chinese medicine.

What can be done to limit the negative effects?

1)    Grounding.  Get fully immersed in nature as much as possible.  Walk on the grass, swim in the ocean, rest up against the trunk of a tree.

2)    Technology like QRS may help restore the integrity of human cell function, improving oxygenation and energy.

3)    Check out your living and working spaces with a radiation detection device.

4)    Certain fabrics are becoming available that may screen exposure.  Meanwhile wearing natural fabrics will help.

5)    Eat seaweed. Miso soup with seaweed is well-known these days and is a healthy beverage for longevityboomers in the current high radiation environment.  Seaweeds such as wakame and hiziki, favoured in Japanese and macrobiotic diets, contain sodium alginate which has the ability to remove radioactive toxins from the body.   It’s claimed that after the bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 patients and staff from a hospital where the diet was strictly macrobiotic (including seaweed) were virtually free from radiation poisoning.

It’s a very good idea to get your seaweed from a “clean” environment.  Tasmania and New Zealand are two good sources.  Levels of radiation as a result of the Fukushima accident make Japanese sources questionable for the moment.

6)    Supplement with probiotics, which have been found to be radioprotective.  Like bone marrow, our small intestine is highly sensitive to radiation and easily damaged, both by radiation from the environment and from medical exposure such as during treatment for bowel cancer, where radiation-induced diarrhoea is a dose-limiting side effect.  The latest research suggests that pre-treatment with probiotics may be protective against intestinal injury without interfering with the treatment of the malignancy.  Probably a good idea for the rest of us too.  Read more about radiation and probiotics here.

Read more about electrosmog here. http://www.detect-protect.com/k/buzz/whatiselectrosmog.htm

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